Create influencer marketing campaigns with ease

Influencernetwork gives you access to a database with hundreds of influencers from Belgium and the Netherlands. Easily set up campaigns, choose the influencer that suits your brand, determine the content together and follow the results in real time. Everything in one place.


Let influencers tell your story

Real stories from real people. That is what online marketing is all about today. Influencernetwork brings together the needs of brands, consumers and influencers by organically distributing stories to the right target audience and thus creating a bond. Result: more brand awareness and more conversions.

Powerful platform

Thanks to our powerful platform, everything happens automatically and in an instant. Simply create an account, start your first campaign in a few clicks, choose the influencer that best suits your brand and start the collaboration. You can even pay the influencer via the platform afterwards.

Influencers tailored to your business

Influencers exist in all sectors. Thanks to the different filters, you can quickly find the right influencer for your brand. Choose very specifically between the hundreds of influencers on our platform: foodies, travel bloggers, fashion bloggers … Need help? Our team is happy to help you find the perfect match.

Accessible and affordable

Influencers are in high demand because of their great influence on their often very loyal followers on social media especially if you focus on the younger generations, influencer marketing is an absolute must. And much more affordable than a radio or television campaign. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to use influencer marketing. Contact with the influencer is direct, without a middleman.

Little effort, great results

On Influencernetwork you can set up a campaign in a few clicks. You determine the message, the style, the look and feel and which hashtags are mandatory. Invite influencers to your campaign or have them pitch for your campaign. Choose the person who best suits your business and follow everything via the real-time statistics and extensive reporting.

How it works

  1. Create an account
    Create a company profile in a few clicks and you are ready for your first campaign.
  2. Start a campaign
    Thanks to the campaign builder, you can set up the campaign in just a few clicks.
  3. Select an influencer
    Use our filters to find an influencer that fits your brand.
  4. Contracting
    Don’t worry about agreements, Influencernetwork takes care of that.
  5. Follow-up in real time
    Follow your campaign closely via your dashboard.
  6. Extensive reporting
    Choose a detailed report & get valuable insights.

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