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Join Influencernetwork and work with strong brands tailored to your target audience. Our platform gives you all the tools you need to further expand your social media.

Sign up, browse the offer of assignments, pitch for the campaign that appeals to you the most and get fun projects. You are always in direct contact with the client. Your dashboard gives you a clear overview at all times.

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Nano and micro-influencers

Influencernetwork focuses on nano and micro-influencers. It’s not all about the number of followers, with us it’s the engagement with your audience that counts. Although nano- and micro-influencers have far fewer followers than the macro-influencers, they are still interesting. Trust and a close relationship with the audience is crucial for purchasing decisions.


So much more than influencer marketing

Influencernetwork is so much more than a platform with online campaigns. For example, we regularly organize events and bootcamps on fascinating topics. Keep an eye on our channels and make sure you participate.

How it works

  1. Easy sign-up
    Sign up easily as an influencer and create your profile.
  2. Marketplace
    Take a look at the range of campaigns in our marketplace.
  3. Choose & pitch
    Choose the campaign that appeals most to you. Pitch with your motivation and convince the brand.
  4. Contact
    Make concrete arrangements with the brand for the campaign.
  5. Content creation
    Start working with the conditions set by the brand. Create a post and inspire your followers.
  6. Analyze
    At the end of the campaign you can find all data from the post in your dashboard.